National League of Young Men, Inc.

Member Requirements

Hours Requirements - {Log My Hours }

Young Man:
Each young man is required to attend one cultural event and complete 10 philanthropic hours and 8 league hours for a total of 18 hours per year. The year is from May 1 through April 30 for grades 9-11 and May 1 through April 1 for Seniors.

Philanthropic hours may be earned in any endeavor where the young men are giving volunteer service to either a NLYM, Inc. organized philanthropic event and/or any established philanthropic organization, school, church or community based group. 

League hours are earned by the young men attending 3 out of 5 grade level meetings per year and a group cultural event.  


Mothers will be expected to attend 3 out of 5 meetings per year with their goal being two-fold: 1) to support their sons and 2) to educate with guest speakers. Mothers will be required to serve either on one (1) league committee or on the Chapter Board per year and will also hold one grade level position per son.



To remain in good standing, all Young Men members must complete 10 hours of direct philanthropy service. After they have completed their 10 hours of direct philanthropy service, they may qualify for an award with a combination of additional direct and in-direct hours earned. 


  • Ensign:  20 total hours = 10 required hours + 10 additional hours
  • Lieutenant:  35 total hours = 10 required hours + 25 additional hours 
  • Commander:  60 total hours = 10 required hours + 50 additional hours
  • Captain:  85 total hours = 10 required hours + 75 additional hours
  • Admiral:  110 total hours = 10 required hours + 100 additional hours
  • Anchor:  The Young Man member performing the most philanthropic service during the fiscal year, but no less than 110 total hours.
  • Senior Service Award:  A Young Man member graduating senior who has performed 110 total hours of service during each of his years in NLYM.
  • Helmsman Award:  This award is given to the young man in each grade level who is in good standing and who combines a good balance of philanthropy, leadership, and protocol activities during his year in NLYM.
    We are also a certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award